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Obesity is defined as a chronic, relapsing, multi-factorial, neurobehavioral disease, wherein an increase in body fat promotes adipose tissue dysfunction and abnormal fat mass physical forces, resulting in adverse metabolic, hormonal, biomechanical, and psychosocial health consequences. The global prevalence of obesity has more than tripled since 1975 and the recognition of obesity as a disease allows us to research interventions to prevent obesity and implement evidence-based treatments.


In an obesity epidemic, most of the world´s physicians are unprepared to treat patients with obesity. Studies reveal that the biggest obstacle in the fight against excess weight is the lack of technical training of the vast majority of physicians and HCPs on our planet.

They did not receive adequate training during their basic training to work in the area of ​​Obesity Medicine with solid knowledge and excellence. In addition, a considerable part of the content acquired in the first years of professional training becomes obsolete after a few years. 

Despite the undisputed recognition of the magnitude and severity of obesity, fewer than 5% of patients with obesity undergo clinical evaluation for this disorder in the primary care setting. The primary reasons for this include inadequate provider knowledge about obesity, misunderstanding of the causes, consequences and effective treatments of obesity and limited options for additional education. Without adequate knowledge and skills, it is not possible to address these problems in an effective manner.

The European Board of Obesity Medicine certifies physicians looking to bridge this gap. The certification is recognized as a traditional synonym of excellence and professionalism in science, and through this process, EBOM seeks to guide professionals in the process of continuing education and qualification in Obesity Medicine. 

EBOM seeks to certify physicians of all specialties from every country in the world, and especially from European countries and through our review courses in obesity medicine developing skills to treat this condition effectively and safely, delivering a even better care for your patients and performing your services more productively and efficiently. Certification as an EBOM diplomate signifies specialized knowledge in the practice of obesity medicine and distinguishes a physician as having achieved competency in obesity care. 

The European Board of Obesity Medicine (EBOM) was established through the cooperative efforts with The Brazilian Board of Obesity Medicine (SBEMO) and The Pan American Board of Obesity Medicine (PABOM) sharing high standards of excellence for certification in obesity medicine.  ​Apply now to become a EBOM diplomate. 



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